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Product Manager

  • 1. According to the company’s strategic direction, conduct product positioning and planning, collect and understand competitors’ products, and regularly complete product analysis report and provide guidance;

  • 2. Responsible for user research, know user needs and behavior characteristic, continuously improve user satisfaction in terms of experience; design product prototype, interactive design and related document writing, and cooperate with UI and R&D team to complete product design;

  • 3. Responsible for the management and analysis of product operation data, collect user feedback, continuously optimize products, improve user experience, and complete product lifecycle management;

  • 4. Responsible for cross-department cooperation and communication, and promote interface UI, development, testing, operation, and other personnel collaborate closely to achieve product goals.

  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 4 years of working experience in Internet products, and experience in large-scale To B products is preferred;

  • 2. Experience in mainstream core system or business analysis is preferred;

  • 3. Able to analyse the market demand, user value, and certain innovation capabilities, balance user demand and project constraints, and the ability to balance time and budget;

  • 4. Proficiency in various office software, and proficient operation of Axure, Visio, MockingBot and other application tools;

  • 5. Have a good product sense, pay attention to details, aim for perfection, have good communication skills and cooperation skills, able to work under high pressure, have an entrepreneurial spirit, willing to overtime and business trip; good command of English skill, oversea study experience is preferred.

    Front-end Development Engineer

    • 1. Understand W3C standards, and proficient in the use of front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, and DOM; proficient in the use of Node.js and webpack;

    • 2. Understand WEB standardization, modularity, performance optimization methods, and understand usability, accessibility and security;

    • 3. Familiar with the front-end development mode based on MVC / MVP / MVVM components; proficient in Vue, webpack, ES6, and have component development capabilities;

    • 4. Experience in React development, familiar with mini programs, and experience in mini programs development; experience in browser compatibility, network performance optimization, and responsive layout is preferred; those who can write framework and common components are preferred;

    • 5. Have good coding habit, independent learning ability, have a good sense of teamwork and a positive attitude.

    • 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of front-end development work experience;

    • 2. Proficiency in using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS3 and other WEB development technologies, proficient in VUE.js Framework, familiar with React,familiar with page architecture and layout, and in-depth understanding of user experience, interactive operation process, and user needs;

    • 3. Able to independently responsible for project development, have a sense of responsibility, have good communication and cooperation ability, and solve problems as first principle;

    • 4. Familiar with principles and related knowledge of various network protocols, have a deep understanding of WEB performance optimization and common vulnerabilities, and able to locate and solve problem effectively at work;

    • 5. Have a wealth of front-end industry knowledge, understand the front-end information in various related fields, understand the design and implementation principles of the latest front-end technology, and be able to apply it flexibly in work.

      (Intermediate / Senior) Java Back-end Development Engineer

      • 1. Complete back-end code development according to requirements; responsible for the selection of key back-end technologies;

      • 2. Responsible for tackling technical difficulties;

      • 3. Assist senior developers to access the T system.

      • 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer and related majors, excellent English communication skills (CET-6) are preferred;

      • 2. Rich experience in Java back-end development; solid Java foundation, practical experience in JVM, Java multithreading, concurrency and network communication;

      • 3. Familiar with the current mainstream microservice architecture such as Spring Cloud microservice architecture and microservice governance, Service Mesh; familiar with the use and optimization of databases such as MySQL and mongodb;

      • 4. Experience in high-concurrency system development (required); experience in big data development is preferred; experience in blockchain development is preferred;

      • 5. With excellent business modeling and abstract design capabilities, sensitive to new technologies in the industry, technical enthusiasm and self-driven, good at communication and collaboration.

        IOS Development Engineer

        • 1. Cooperate with the product manager to deeply participate in the discussion of mobile phone product requirements, function definitions, etc.;

        • 2. Responsible for the function development of IOS APP.

        • 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science and other related majors;

        • 2. Proficient in Object-C and Swift languages, with good object-oriented thinking and programming habits; in-depth understanding of Objective-C Runtime operating mechanism and memory management mechanism; proficient in multi-threading and network programming, with high-performance programming and architecture engineering experience; familiar with network communication mechanisms and commonly used data transmission protocols, and have mature weak network optimization solutions;

        • 3. In-depth understanding of the characteristics and differences of different iOS versions and rich experience in adaptation; responsible for client-side general underlying libraries and SDK packaging; familiar with Flutter or open source development experience is preferred;

        • 4. Good communication skills and team spirit, strong ability to withstand pressured.

          Android Development Engineer

          • 1. Cooperate with the product manager to deeply participate in the discussion of mobile phone product requirements, function definitions, etc.;

          • 2. Responsible for Android function development.

          • 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer and related majors, and more than 3 years of Android;

          • 2. Familiar with Android performance indicators, monitoring tools, unit testing and tuning methods; familiar with Android common layouts, familiar with custom views; familiar with Android Jetpack components, at least familiar with Jetpack basic components and architecture components, and understand the packaging ideas of Jetpack architecture components; development experience;

          • 3. Familiar with Java/Kotlin language, with good coding style, proficient in code management tool GIT;

          • 4. Have good analysis and problem-solving skills, positive and optimistic, strong sense of responsibility, work conscientiously and carefully, and good team communication and collaboration skills;

          • 5. Experience in blockchain industry development is preferred.

            Operations and Maintenance Engineer

            • 1. Responsible for the planning and design, operation and maintenance, fault analysis, positioning and treatment of basic resources (computer room, server, security equipment, office network, etc.);

            • 2. Responsible for the installation, configuration, deployment, monitoring, optimization and maintenance of the basic environment business system operation; responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of various system basic services, configuration updates, and emergency response to failures to ensure the high availability of the business in charge;

            • 3. Responsible for system operation and maintenance work planning, deployment, implementation, monitoring, data backup, disaster recovery backup, data migration, log analysis, troubleshooting, etc.; responsible for the architecture design and review, operation and maintenance guarantee, performance optimization, Capacity planning, business monitoring, emergency response, etc.;

            • 4. Compile all kinds of related technical documents and specifications, formulate key system operation and maintenance indicators (SLA, service level agreement) of the infrastructure to ensure the effective operation of the core facilities of the infrastructure;

            • 5. Participate in the automation and standardization of operation and maintenance, and cooperate the design, implementation and continuous improvement the automatic operation and maintenance system; complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

            • 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors, and more than 5 years of IT operation and maintenance work experience;

            • 2. Familiar with IDC and network related knowledge, familiar with basic network architecture, operating system, database, virtualization, server, storage and other facilities, with enterprise-level computer room construction, operation and maintenance experience, data center construction planning experience is preferred;

            • 3. Familiar with the technical configuration and management of routers, switches, firewalls, wireless devices, etc.; with physical equipment failure and link emergency response, fault detection and location capabilities, with intermediate or higher network engineer qualifications preferred; proficient in daily servers and storage , experience in the technical work of data backup, migration, and capacity expansion of the optical fiber switch, can solve various technical problems encountered in the corresponding operation and maintenance work;

            • 4. Familiar with network security and host security technology principles, understand mainstream network security products, have enterprise-level network security practical experience; have rich experience in windows Server, Linux system parameter setting, performance tuning, system security, fault location and processing; proficient VMware, CAS and other virtualization platform products and related packages, with experience in related product implementation and operation and maintenance management;

            • 5. Familiar with the architecture and technical features of mainstream cloud platforms (such as Huawei Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc.), familiar with the use of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS products and services of each cloud platform; proficient in at least one language in Shell/Python, and good at using scripts To complete the daily operation and maintenance of the system and improve work efficiency;

            • 6. Familiar with monitoring tools (Zabbix, elk) and other platform construction and post-maintenance use; familiar with the installation, deployment, operation and maintenance of Tomcat/Nginx/Apache/Redis/Kafka/Roketmq and other application services; familiar with the construction and maintenance of automation environment Use and maintenance, including but not limited to Jenkins, git, slapstick, etc.; familiar with docker deployment and configuration tuning, experience in container orchestration tools such as k8s/Kubernetes is preferred;

            • 7. Strong communication and coordination skills, strong self-learning and self-driving abilities, able to bear hardships and work hard.

              Operations and Maintenance Engineer(Big Data)

              • 1. Responsible for the deployment, management, capacity planning, performance optimization, monitoring and alarming of the company's big data platform, and continue to optimize the big data platform;

              • 2. Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance management, service monitoring, fault handling, cluster performance and resource utilization optimization of the big data platform, and provide technical support for developers; responsible for the automatic operation and maintenance of the big data platform, monitoring alarms, fault handling and other related scripts and tools development;

              • 3. Research on operation and maintenance technologies related to big data business, continue to optimize the cluster service architecture, and explore new big data operation and maintenance technologies and development directions;

              • 4. Participate in the establishment and maintenance of Devops related environments, and participate in the promotion of Devops practice; participate in the architecture design and review of the company's business systems, operation and maintenance guarantee, performance optimization, capacity planning, business monitoring, emergency response and other related work.

              • 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related majors, more than 3 years of big data related operation and maintenance or development experience, in-depth understanding of mainstream big data platforms, familiar with disaster recovery, expansion, backup, and optimization management of big data components; have a large-scale Cluster design, deployment and tuning experience, as well as capacity assessment, problem location, and architecture optimization capabilities under heavy load;

              • 2. Deep understanding of the Linux system, good at capacity planning, architecture design, performance optimization, and experience in system parameter setting, performance tuning, system security, and fault location processing;

              • 3. Familiar with more than one development language, such as Python/Java/Scala/Shell, understand common algorithms and data structures, have certain development capabilities, and experience in operation and maintenance platform development is preferred; for DevOps, agile R&D, CI/CD, have a deep understanding and practical project experience about the standard operation and maintenance processes;

              • 4. Familiar with Docker and Kubernetes related technologies, have a deep understanding of their principles; experience in the production environment of the service development and the operation and maintenance; familiar with mainstream public cloud and private cloud platform architecture and technical characteristics, and experience in related product implementation and operation and maintenance management; familiar with the deployment and operation and maintenance of common monitoring tools such as Zabbix, and proficiency in the configuration of alarm strategy for custom monitoring items;

              • 5. Strong communication and coordination skills, strong self-learning and self-driving abilities, able to bear hardships and work hard.

                Data Analyst

                • 1. Responsible for the construction and in-depth mining and analysis of the data center, and responsible for the development of big data models;

                • 2. Use machine learning algorithms to clean, process, statistically analyze, and mine the multi-source heterogeneous data gathered in the big data platform to build an effective and general data analysis model, and assist in the development and realization of the model-to-product transformation;

                • 3. Based on business scenarios, plan and explore data analysis and data value mining applications, and perform achievable model analysis, and create corresponding data reports;

                • 4. Transform strategy and operational requirements into data product services; based on data warehouse modeling technology, able to reasonably guide business output to business solutions; provide demand analysis, and assist product managers to complete the construction of data products;

                • 5. Optimize existing algorithms; explore leading edge algorithms and topic-model data for the company’s business direction.

                • 1. Bachelor degree or above in statistics, applied mathematics, and computer related majors, with more than 5 years of experience in data analysis;

                • 2. Familiar with big data technologies such as Hadoop/Spark/Storm/Hive or HANA; familiar with Unix/Linux operating system; familiar with scripting tools such as Shell, and experience in massive data processing; familiar with various data visualization tools, with basic programming skills, SQL And NoSQL database, Log analysis;

                • 3. Familiar with Python to complete data cleaning, data crawling, data visualization and data interface development;

                • 4. Experience in data mining, master various common machine learning algorithms, and have a certain understanding of deep learning is preferred;

                • 5. Experience in data warehouse modeling, ETL data extraction, report development, and task scheduling is preferred.

                  Blockchain Engineer

                  • 1. Responsible for the design and research and development of application products based on blockchain;

                  • 2. Develop and implement blockchain protocol, operating mechanism, encryption technology, consensus algorithm and underlying implementation;

                  • 3. Organize the formulation and implementation of technical decisions and technical plans, organizational structure design and upgrade optimization;

                  • 4. Participate in the daily development work of project team members and solve technical problems in development.

                  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of IT work experience, more than 2 years of blockchain application development experience;

                  • 2. Familiar with Linux operating system, proficient in one of Java/C/C++/Golang; familiar with development frameworks such as Spring boot/spring cloud;

                  • 3. Familiar with consensus algorithms, such as PoW, PBFT, PoS, Raft, familiar with cryptography, security protocols, encryption algorithms, smart contracts and other underlying protocols experience is preferred;

                  • 4. Familiar with data database design, experience in mysql, RocksDB, LevelDB is preferred; participate in open source code or open source framework contributors are preferred;

                  • 5. Experience in FISCO BCOS/Hyperledger Fabric/ETH development is preferred.

                    Industry Development Analysis Leader / Specialist

                    • 1. Responsible for the collection, sorting, research and analysis of relevant policy information for the science and technology industry; timely summary of work innovation results; lead or participate in the writing of various important manuscripts and report materials;

                    • 2. Acutely capture the hot and difficult issues in government governance, technology industry development and social management, form analysis reports, and submit industrial development plans and implementation path reports;

                    • 3. Assist the CEO/industry person in charge of various business tasks, formulate and implement the work plan and various work systems of the Executive Bureau, and assist in completing the annual responsibility goals and tasks;

                    • 4. Specific assistance in industrial operation management, industrial investment promotion, talent team building, and promotion of the development of the data economy industry.

                    • 1. Bachelor degree or above; no major limitation, with political science, economics, sociology, software engineering and other professional background preferred; 35 years old and below (the age recognized by Hainan Province for high-level talents can be relaxed to below 40 years old) ;

                    • 2. Have excellent writing skills, have written or participated in large-scale political theories or research reports, and good at text extraction; have strong research skills and able to make relevant policy recommendations;

                    • 3. More than 3 years of relevant work experience in think tanks, policy research, and media, and engaged in policy research in government departments or related research institutions; 5-10 years of work experience is preferred; familiar with government information construction planning, laws and regulations, and management practices; familiar with digital economy and international laws and regulations, with a deep understanding of cross-border data flow;

                    • 4. Have a deep understanding of information construction, a unique understanding and practical experience in data operation and management; familiar with the new generation of information technology such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet and other next-generation information and technology ;

                    • 5. Have strong learning and research ability and independent thinking ability; have a good understanding of economic and social development; good at capturing hot and difficult issues in government governance, industrial development and social management; strong writing ability; strong self-driving ability, active learning ability, good communication and excellent teamwork ability, and able to undertake and challenge high-intensity work.

                      For job applications, please email us at hr@oxhainan.org